If you are looking for jobs in nutrition, you may wish to check out nutritionist or dietitian positions. Their duties can vary a great deal, as it will depend on where one works. Some dietitians counsel patients, while others are responsible for the meal menus in health care facilities. Here is more information on this occupation.
What You May Healthy Tips For Kids Be Doing
If you are a nutritionist or dietitian you may be working one on one with patients. Often times, you might be recommended at the request of a doctor. You may talk to a patient about high blood pressure or perhaps diabetes. Perhaps you will discuss low salt menus, or maybe menus that are naturally low in sugar and carbohydrates. This can be important advice for people with health concerns.
Maybe you will be a community dietitian, as these people counsel others about ways to prevent disease and to have better health. They may work in home health care agencies or public health clinics. Some community dietitians work for HMO or health maintenance organizations.
If you work as a community dietitian, you may instruct others on the proper way to shop for food. You also may counsel others Phases Of Chemotherapy For Aml on proper cooking methods. Some of the people that you deal with may have special needs, like the elderly or young children.
You need more than an Associate Degree, and most dietitians have a Bachelor Degree. You also will most likely need to be licensed or certified. During your education, you need credits in nutrition, chemistry, biology, and physiology. Requirement will vary according to the learning institution that you attend.
According to the United States Bureau of Labor, there are 279 education programs in the US that offer Bachelor Degrees in this field, and 18 of them offer Masters Degrees. A Masters Degree is preferable if you wish to go into management. However, it will require much more study.
Work Environment
You have a pleasant work environment, in most cases. You probably have a normal 40 hour work week. Also, many jobs in nutrition call for people to be on their feet a great deal.
Jobs in nutrition are usually dietitians and nutritionists. These people perform a valuable service to others by counseling them on proper eating. Some dietitians or nutritionists work in health care facilities, and plan daily menus. You need to have a Bachelor Degree and in most areas, you need certification. The work is in pleasant environments, but you may need to spend a lot of time on your feet.