Get A Free Month Of COBRA Medical Insurance Benefits!

Most people have medical insurance benefits provided through their employer. If they change jobs at any point for any reason, they are always eligible for COBRA for up to 18 months. These plans are good because they have great benefits. But since they have such good benefits, it is usually too expensive to afford if someone is between jobs. The best situation is to get a new benefits package with a new job as soon as you can so that someone else pays for your medical insurance benefits again.
Some people have a gap in coverage even if they do have another plan through a new employer. People in this situation can find themselves at a point where they need to pay for their own coverage for a month or two until the new benefits start. If the Medical Treatment Book only choice is COBRA benefits, it can be very expensive for a single month of medical insurance coverage. While the coverage is good, if you don’t get sick or go to the doctor or hospital during that month, you will have wasted the money you paid.
In certain situations, you will want to go ahead and get the COBRA benefits package. But if you just need a single month of coverage, sometimes you can be covered under the COBRA benefits without having paid for the coverage. What some people can do is wait to accept or decline COBRA benefits How To Keep Body Healthy And Fit until their new plan starts. Do not pay for COBRA, but do not tell them that you do not want it either. This way if you get sick, you can pay for your COBRA and your claim will be paid. If you don’t get sick, you can just use your new insurance and not pay for the benefits you did not need.
This solution is not appropriate for everyone. But if you check the grace period of the time you will need to accept or decline your benefits, you might be able to get away with having coverage if something happens, but not having to pay for it if nothing happens. This is how certain people can get a free month of very good medical insurance. It can be worth savings of up to $1500 during that month.