Government Figures on Rising Health Care Costs Unrealistic

The Obama Administration promised us that ObamaCare would lower Medicare costs, provide health insurance for everyone, and fix our health care system in the United States. Obviously, it has done none of that, and we see that health care costs have increased 8% per year since Obama took office, with no end in sight on that graph.
There was an interesting article recently in Positive Futurist Online News titled; “Medical advances Current Events In America Public Health predicted for next 20 years will lower health costs,” written by Dick Pelletier which noted;
“The US Congressional Budget Office predicts health spending will rise from 17% of the economy today to 25% by 2025. This projection suggests that medical research will expand over the next 20 years as scientists What Does Health Insurance Mean attempt to turn cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity; and mental disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s into more manageable conditions, making them easier and less expensive to treat.”
Indeed, I hate to break it to anyone, but The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is way off base. In the last two years health care costs in the United States have risen 16%, and at that rate, if things keep going, then it will far surpass the 25% of our economy by 2025. Already Medicare is a $260 trillion obligation if we take that off into the future of the 300+ million people living in the United States right now. The numbers don’t lie, and they obviously don’t work.
Now then, I’m going to hold short of calling Medicare a Ponzi scheme, although, I do believe it is, but I will leave that for another article. My point here is that we cannot trust the CBO’s numbers, projections, or that information and data they claim to be correct, genuine, and empirically correct. Further, the CBO seems to have been bullied by the senators, House members, and Obama Administration that tried to convince the American people that ObamaCare was actually the solution to our health care challenges in the future.
The reality is that ObamaCare has made things worse, and the worst is yet to come. Many of the new provisions don’t kick in until 2014, and most of the small businesses right now are not hiring because ObamaCare makes it too costly for them to add employees. Remember small businesses account for between 60 and 70% of the employment in this country. We can’t get new jobs and recover until small businesses start hiring again.
Unfortunately, they can’t, thanks to ObamaCare. This means there will be less tax revenue coming into the country, to pay for all these socialist programs including ObamaCare. Therefore it throws the CBO numbers off even worse, because they were assuming that the economic recovery would provide additional tax revenue, but instead their numbers were trillions of dollars off. With numbers like that, who can trust anything that they say anymore? I for one certainly don’t, how about you?
Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.