HIPAA Training for 4 Work Groups

Falling ill is as natural a phenomenon as being fit. We all will need some…

Falling ill is as natural a phenomenon as being fit. We all will need some kind of medical help at some point in our lives. And many of us are entitled and are protected with health insurance. And today, certain ailments that only affected the aged once ago, now seem to be affecting the young too, such as heart-attacks and strokes. This gives rise to better and more effective health plans for everyone.
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), enacted in 1996, takes care of the privacy of patient’s details. It is divided into two parts, the first part takes care of individuals and their family’s health insurance in case they change or lose their jobs. The second part takes care of the more administrative details of the act. HIPAA has been introduced to improve the standards of health care of the nation as a whole. Anyone associated with the medical industry needs to have the knowledge and implement the act.
There are a number of people who require HIPAA training. Some of them are listed below.
• Health care providers: Doctors, nurses, medical practitioners and assistants most obviously need to be trained to know how to handle and maintain hospital and patient records. There are specific methods that need to be adopted to make sure a patient’s medical records are kept confidential. They also need to be able to help patients in case they face any kind of problems while receiving need to clearly understand that not abiding to the act is an offence.
• Health insurance agents: need to be thorough with their knowledge of HIPAA. They need to know what the act covers and more importantly what it doesn’t cover. As mentioned earlier, the act protects health insurances Health Policy And Management Harvard of workers and their families while they have a job and in case they lose their job too. A health insurance agent needs to be able to convert the legal jargon into simple words to ensure that everyone is well-insured.
• Human Resource: the HR department is the one point source of solving their worker’s problems. They need to be extremely clear about the act and make sure the office employees adhere to it too.
• Anyone that has access to Personal Health Information (PHI): HIPAA training explains how much personal information can be divulged and how much needs to be kept in lock and key. In case information needs to be shared one needs to know details about authorizing the same.
Not abiding by HIPAA could land one with civil or even criminal penalties. The training also helps you understand how to tackle a breach of the Act in case you have done so unknowingly. Opportunities In Pharmacy Business Over and above HIPAA, each organization has its own set of rules and regulations too. A thorough understanding of HIPAA will ensure that in-house rules and HIPAA don’t clash.
As the age-old saying goes, ‘Health is Wealth’. Correct training to take care of the nation’s health gives rise to a whole bunch of healthy people. And healthy people gives rise to a healthy country; now who wouldn’t like that!