Healthy Habits For Healthy Families

Childhood obesity is on the rise. With parents who have to work long hours, substandard…

Childhood obesity is on the rise. With parents who have to work long hours, substandard school lunches, and children who spend the majority of their time on the computer or in front of the is no wonder our children are heavier than ever. Unique Jobs for Pharmacists Food isn’t given much thought anymore. We are looking for fast and convenient to accommodate our busy schedules. Families don’t sit around the table together anymore. Instead they are eating on the run or in front of the television.
A few small changes in these destructive habits can make a huge difference in our children’s health.
Eat dinner as Chemo Preparation Checklist a family.
Research as shown that families who eat together have better communication. Children are more adjusted in school and are less likely to do drugs. It also leads to more mindful eating habits instead of the unconscious habits that can develop in front of the television.
Serve fresh vegetables and fruit at every meal.
It takes very little time to steam vegetables or chop a salad. Fresh fruit comes in convenient serving sizes with little preparation. If you feel you don’t have enough time to chop vegetables, buy the pre-chopped versions. I buy a huge bag of cut broccoli that lasts a week. All you have to do is put it in the steamer and 5 minutes later you have it ready for dinner. Raw vegetables are also excellent for meals or snacks.
Drink more water.
Most of us reach for a snack when sometimes all we need to satisfy that nagging little hunger pain is a glass of water. Try a glass of water before you reach for those chips and see how you feel. Also drink water before you eat and you will find you eat less food. Make sure you children are getting plenty of water to drink. Most kids drink nothing but juice and soda all day which will lead to weight gain and health issues.
Try these 3 things with your family and you will see the difference. We are all busy but with just a little conscious effort we can start changing the path for our children’s health.