MRI Scan – The New Radiology Technique

The MRI Scan always reminds us of the big machine with a hole wherein one…

The MRI Scan always reminds us of the big machine with a hole wherein one has to pass through, lying on a table, wondering where the noises are coming from and what is happening to the body.
Decades later, almost every one is well aware of MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imaging The story goes as such – The ‘Indomitable’ made by a scientist and physician Dr. Raymond Damadian, with the help of some graduate students, was thought to be a failed invention with years wasted behind it. He toiled to produce a machine that could non-invasively scan the body with the use of magnets. When volunteered by a student to be in this contraption, the first MRI scan was performed on a human being on July 3, 1977. It took 5 hours to produce the image from that original machine named ‘Indomitable’. And today, a few scanners.
The MRI technique is useful in examining the brain and spinal cord and the Scan may help the doctors to diagnose torn ligaments, cancer, tendonitis, brain tumours, strokes, multiple sclerosis just to name a few. The MRI scan is a radiology technique using magnetic and radio waves, resulting in no exposure to X-rays or any other damaging forms of radiation. The image is produced by the computer and it is quite detailed, able to detect tiny changes of structures within the body. To increase the accuracy of images, some procedures use contrast agents like gadolinium.
Besides its accurate results, MRI Scan is also more spoken of due to its expensiveness. The cost of MRI depends on several factors like the body part to be scanned, MRI being performed at hospital or outpatient imaging Psychology Therapy Meaning center, need for contrast agent, the place of the center, local competition etc. MRIs prove to be costly and hence there are discount schemes available on full payment and installment schemes are available as well.
The MRI scan cost in US is around $700-$2500 while it is the most expensive in UK around A�2000 whereas Amazing Health Facts the cheapest deal is available in India which is around Rs. 4000-7000 with standard medical facilities.
As technology is developing by leaps and bounds, the top medical news are that, soon MRI ‘5-minute’ scan would be able to check children’s brain development. Also new research using MRI shows that childhood stress such as emotional neglect or abuse can lead to structural brain changes. MRI has also proved to be better than mammography for early detection of hereditary breast cancers in the population at risk.
Even though MRI scan costs are a bit on higher scale, there effectiveness and accuracy in diagnosis makes this cost worthwhile. Early diagnosis through MRI scan has saved several lives. After all, no cost is greater than your life!