Hospitals in Kabul, Afghanistan

Kabul is the largest city in Afghanistan and also its capital. It is the most developed city in this country. It is the main economic and cultural center of the nation, due to its strategic What To Look For In A Counselor position in the middle east. After the long wars from 1978-2001, Kabul is trying to rebuild and redevelop itself, however attacks by militant groups are slowing the progress.
Kabul has its eye set on making an international mark and therefore makes efforts to bring about development in all fields inclusive of medicine and healthcare. The medical infrastructure in Kabul will take time to develop uniformly, but with the inflow of funds from foreign organizations and countries, the hospitals in Kabul are going on to become better. Most hospitals are public enterprises, privately controlled or set up by international health care bodies.
Without the slightest doubt, the hospitals managed by international health care bodies offer the best service. As for the other two types, the government sector hospitals have beds and equipment but due to a crunch in funds and understaffing, have not been able to develop as much as hoped. The private clinics are not very reliable since they are in no way, government monitored so the doctors charge exhorbitant rates. For basic treatment, tourists can approach any hospital but for specialized care the international hospitals are the best bet.
There are certain important points to consider before you depart for Kabul. Make sure that your health insurance papers are all ready and up to date since you will need to seek reimbursement later on. The passport and visa papers must also be kept handy so that they can be produced easily whenever you are asked for them. Many hospitals ask for these papers before beginning Most Common Surgical Procedures Uk treatment. It is good to have a file covering your medical history if you have ongoing medical issues on your person as these are vital documents. If you get in touch with an international hospital language will not be an issue, but if you approach a local hospital, then there might be the need to arrange for a translator. In such a cases, contact your embassy.
The doctors accept payment in cash. They do not accept checks or credit cards. Make sure you collect invoices of all bills and medical costs you incur. The best known and most popular hospitals in Kabul are CURE International Hospital, ISAF German Hospital, the Shino Zada Hospital, DK-German Medical Diagnostic Center and the Imran Clinic.