Yorkie Health – 5 Tips to Keep Your Yorkie Healthy

Yorkies are the second most popular dog in America. This is mostly due to their small size and Health Policy And Management long silky coats. Here are some tips on how to help you enjoy your Yorkie for many years.
First of all you, you need to make sure your Yorkie is micro-chipped. It is estimated that one in three dogs become lost in their lifetimes, and sadly, many of these never get returned to their owners. This is why you should make your dog sure that your dog is micro-chipped. It is a form of permanent identification that can never be removed.
Second, you should always make sure that your Yorkie is well trained. With all the TV shows and cheap books available on dog training there is really no reason why your dog has to have a behavioral problem. Also, behavior problems as one of the major reasons why dogs are given up to pet shelters.
Third, you should see your veterinarian at least once a year, and in most cases you should see them twice a year.
Fourth, you should take proper care of their teeth. Today, there are many tooth brushes and toothpaste available to clean your dog’s teeth with. A tooth problem can be a way for Healthy Lifestyle For Kids an infection to spread throughout your dog’s body. Be sure to only use toothpaste that is made for dogs specifically, human toothpastes contains too much fluoride for dogs.
Fifth, in order to keep your dog healthy you should feed them a premium dog food and avoid giving any human food. Sadly today many dogs (up to 30% by some estimates) are obese because people feed their dogs to much junk food. And just like humans, obese dogs are more prone to certain diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and joint problems.
If you follow these five tips you can help keep your Yorkies healthy for many years to come.