Intuition Within The Medical Industry

It would be wonderful if more of the people who have the psychic gift of increased perception would go into the medical professions. This would increase the use of intuition within the medical profession and make the nurses and the doctors able to treat Medical Term For Treatment Plan their patients more accurately. It would be wonderful if the doctor that was treating you was making use of intuition within the medical profession and instead of having to do as many expensive tests they could choose the correct test the first time.
With the use of intuition within the medical profession the medical team could stop doing tests and procedures designed to rule out different conditions and diseases. Instead they would only being doing tests and procedures to confirm the diagnosis they suspect. There are countless people who die each year under the care of a health care team that could not discover what the patient was afflicted with. If the health care team had someone on it that had extra sensory powers of intuition that they could have used to help narrow down the diagnosis the lives of many of those people would be spared.
The use of intuition within the medical profession is happening all over the world, but it is not often heard of. A woman tells me a story of having a small infant in the hospital emergency room. The child was very ill and the mother had been taking the baby to doctors and to the hospital hoping to find out what the problem was. On this evening the doctor was examining the child and questioning the mother on the symptoms when another doctor walked past the room. The other doctor was a respected pediatrician in the area and he stopped and went into the examining room with the sick child. He told the attending to call for a medical transport because the baby had to go to a hospital that was more specialized and could perform a much needed surgery. The attending physician was surprised but did what the pediatrician told him to. The baby was operated on soon after it arrived at the other medical facility and the doctors there told the mother that without the surgery the child would not have lived another month. When the pediatrician was asked what made him turn and enter that room, and what made him send the child to the other hospital, his answer was that he had a feeling in his gut that it was the right thing to do.
The use of intuition within the medical profession can be a wonderful thing that What Is Health Plan helps solve some of the medical mysteries that the doctors see every day.

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