Still Dealing With Yeast Infections?

How often have you had to deal with reoccurring yeast infections? Many women don’t understand…

How often have you had to deal with reoccurring yeast infections? Many women don’t understand that to cure the problem permanently you need to do more than just treat the symptoms; you need to restore the natural balance of yeast in the vagina. Many of the temporary fixes include today’s most popular over the counter treatment plans however these are some of the treatments that will only relieve your symptoms not cure the issue. For permanent cures we need to get back to basics and look at natural alternatives. Today we are going to discuss a few natural treatments as well potential life style changes that will help you to live a yeast infection free life.
One of yeasts favorite places to live is warm areas that are naturally moist; this means that your vagina is a prime location for yeast growth. With that being said it’s a good idea to avoid tight clothes as letting the area “breathe” can cut down on the length of your infection.
Another thing that you will need to stay away from is panties that are not made of cotton. Cotton Therapy For Depression is a breathable material that allows proper air flow and will draw moisture away from the body.
Although you may be tempted to use a harsh soap to try to kill odor and itching, you should know that you may actually 2019 Health Observance Dates be making your infections worse by constant washing. Try just washing the affected area twice daily with warm water.
That brings us to feminine deodorants and douching. These should also not be used/done during infections. This is because you may disrupt the pH balance of the vagina further and that will cause an extended infection times and it can become much more difficult to treat.
Finally to treat your infections naturally it has been suggested that you use garlic to treat your infections. To do this you have a few options, the first being eating larger than normal amounts for preventative maintenance. Alternatively, you could crush a peeled clove into a very fine paste and rub this onto the area that is infected.