Is Laughter Really the Best Medicine?

Studies have shown that laughter or a little humor in one’s life can have a remarkable impact on your overall health, your productivity at work as well as you relationships with other people.

Better health – Laughter and humor have been found to have a positive effect on one’s physiological systems, including the muscular, respiratory, cardiovascular and skeletal systems. Research shows that a good belly laugh can have measurable benefits to the heart, blood sugar, stress levels, circulation, the immune system and more. Tests have been conducted which show that increased levels of endorphins and growth hormones are released when subjects were shown a funny video. At the same time, levels of harmful hormones were reduced in the subjects of the study.

More energy – Experiments conducted by Dr. Lee Burk showed that even the anticipation of a good laugh was enough to decrease fatigue by 87 percent. In addition to counteracting fatigue, laughter can help keep us interested and energized.

Less stress – Studies that have looked at humor and stress have found that people with a sense of humor can cope better with stress and hard times. These studies conducted at the University of Western Ontario found that people with a sense of humor had better physical immunity in addition to being more emotionally immune to stress.

Stronger relationships – One of the secrets to having a good relationship with another human being is the ability to laugh with someone who is close to you. Individuals who laugh more tend to have more positive and productive relationship. In addition to enhancing existing relationships, laughter helps us to connect with people we don’t necessarily know well.

These studies don’t mean that you have to laugh all the time. But, by keeping everything in your life in perspective and attempting to see Weight Loss Myths 2018 the humor in all around you, it will help you better cope with any adversity in your life–and your health will be better off as well.