Laughter – Why We Need It Every Day

Do you ever feel sad, stressed out or that your energy is not where it should be? You may find that you just need to add a little laughter to your day. Laughter is often unnoticed as a major key to a person’s happiness. It can also have positive effects on your overall health emotionally, physically and socially.
Through research, laughter and humor has been shown to be a positive type of medicine. These results can be seen in several cancer patients who showed great improvement after being able to have a good laugh instead of staying depressed about their condition. Even a person who has a brief moment of sadness seems to feel better after they see or hear something funny.
Small kids and babies can also provide the laughter you need at the most unexpected moments. Your happiness can start by just one thing that made you laugh that day. Most people don’t know that laughter also is Healthy Habits For Students good for your physical health. By laughing you release the endorphins that are natural painkillers. You’ll notice when you are sad or stressed that aches seem to appear more often and your energy is drained.
Your heart also benefits from laughter because it gets your blood flowing, instead of sadness and stress which can lead to a heart attack or hospitalization. Whether you are old or young, feeling better physically definitely leads to happiness.
Don’t forget about how much your social status increases with a little laughter. Yes, try joking around with your friends or enjoying a comedy on TV with someone and watch how many List Of Therapeutic Interventions Pdf people gravitate towards you. This really works for a person who rarely laughs because people will think you are more enjoyable or become curious of your change in behavior.
If you’re not good at that sort of thing then call someone who is so they can make you laugh. There is always something in the world that is able to get one chuckle out of a person and once you find out what that is, whether it’s big or small, can bring about the happiness you are seeking.