MRI Scan – What Happens in a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scan

A Magnetic Resonance Imaging – MRI scan is a method where magnetic and radio waves…

A Magnetic Resonance Imaging – MRI scan is a method where magnetic and radio waves are used to create images of the internal Boston Medical Center Address organs of the body. These images are displayed on a computer screen so that the internal structures can be studied.
MRI scan is nothing but a radiological imaging technique which is based on the principle of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.
What happens here is that a MRI-machine creates a powerful magnetic field. Now the patient is entered into this environment. The person has to lie in a hollow chamber so that his body can be scanned. The examination can be performed on any part of the body, but the procedure remains the same. Before entering the hollow tube, all metal articles like gold chains, bracelets etc should be removed and in case of body implants the authorities should be informed. Such precautions are necessary because the magnetic field is extremely powerful and can interfere with devices like the pacemaker or cochlear implants. Now when the body is subjected to this strong magnetic-field, the atoms in the body get magnetized. This causes the nuclei of atoms to start rotating in their 3D-spacial planes and theses rotations are recorded by the scanner. Different gradients are provided in each direction and based on the rotations of nuclei in the specific areas, the images are created.
It is basically the water molecules of the body that are involved in the process. The human body is composed of almost 75% water content. Each water molecule consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. The hydrogen nuclei are the positive “Protons” which get affected by the magnetic-field and some of them align themselves in the direction of the force and begin to resonate. When all the magnetic field energy is turned off, the protons come back to ground state. They re-release the energy which they had absorbed and because of which they were resonating or rotating. The difference in the energy taken and released by the hydrogen atoms is recorded by the scanner and visual descriptions are created.
The MRI scan is a useful technique because it provides clear information about various soft tissues of the body like the brain, muscles and heart as well as helps detect cancers and tumors more effectively. Above this, there are no harmful effects Advantages Of Dietary Supplements Pdf of ionizing radiation like in x-rays and other radiological techniques. Staying connected with the latest healthcare news and new technology in the medical industry will certainly help one understand the various facilities available to a patient.