Panic Disorder Anxiety and Extreme Fear

In panic disorder anxiety the feeling of extreme fear combines which many physical symptoms. These…

In panic disorder anxiety the feeling of extreme fear combines which many physical symptoms. These attacks can happen anytime and anywhere. This is part of what makes it scary. These can What Type Of Therapist Should I Be happen at night while you are sleeping or in broad daylight. A panic attack brings a sudden flow of uncontrollable anxiety and fear to the person and a state often of desperation.
The symptoms or signs, which are indicative of panic attack, develop suddenly and can reach their peak within ten minutes. The common physical signs associated with these are fast heartbeat, nausea, sweating, trembling of limbs, feeling of choking, vomiting, weakness, blackness in front of the eyes, confusion, 5 Foods You Should Eat Daily hot or cold flashes, and a very surreal fear of dying. Different people react differently to these symptoms. Some completely withdraw from their surroundings and refuse to talk to anybody. Some people react violently by lashing out on the things and people around them as an act of defending themselves.
There are many reasons behind pain disorder anxiety. Severe stress caused due to work, school or college, death of a loved one, divorce, family illness, job loss or even the fear of public speaking can trigger a panic attack. This disorder can be heredity also. Panic disorders can also arise from other anxiety related disorders also. Domestic violence and sexual harassment can also give rise to panic disorders.
The treatment for panic disorder anxiety differs from person to person. This can be controlled by the aid of tranquilizers. Psychological counseling and therapy sessions are required for the person suffering from this disorder. Cognitive behavioral techniques, breathing and meditation are all very helpful. People suffering from this kind of disorder need the help and support of their near and dear one to deal with the situation.