Health Care – How the New Health Care Plan Affects You

The new health care bill is an extremely complex bill that affects each and every…

The new health care bill is an extremely complex bill that affects each and every American differently. However, understanding how it affects you is a different story. Because it’s so complex, it may even affect you differently than your next door neighbor who makes the same as you!
Here are the basics of how it will affect the general population:
The majority of the plan takes affect in 2014 or later, however, these changes will be vast. Lower income families will be required to purchase insurance coverage, unless they already have it, in which case, they can keep their current coverage, and those who do not carry coverage will pay a penalty (capped at just over $2,000). People carrying coverage will see little change in the actual coverage, but pricing can vary depending on your status. Some reports say most will see a decrease, but it’s hard to say this early. Because so many more will be added to the insurance pool, some healthy, some not, it will depend on your provider’s other customers if your premium will go up or not.
Higher income families will be taxed at a greater amount to help pay for the lower incomes, this will help off-set some costs, but this is all capped as well How To Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise with a strict limit. However, this cap is much higher and those in the high income bracket will see an increase of a few thousand dollars each year.
Small companies will see the biggest change. Health care will be required for all companies, but there will be discounts, subsidized alternatives, and tax breaks. While there will be ways for companies to sneak around paying for health insurance, the majority of them will have to offer employees some sort of health care.
Overall, the biggest change will be required health care, but luckily, you will have plenty How To Introduce Supplements of time to find out how it affects your life by 2014 as more details are released.