Pharmaceuticals, Drugs, & iPhone Apps – A Perfect Combination

You’re up late at night with a tooth ache, head ache or your child has…

You’re up late at night with a tooth ache, head ache or your child has a runny nose. Where do you go? What do you do? All traditional questions fielded by a pharmacist. Now imagine pulling out your iPhone App to find not only answers to some of these most common questions we have for our pharmacists, but also relevant telephone numbers, locations and hours of business where we can find a solution to problem.
The pharmacy App is one of the most logical extensions of pharmaceutical marketing because of its relevance to consumers, who are now mobile enabled and consumptive consumers.
Unlike other Apps, a pharmacy App is an App offering a solution to a very real and immediate need as a point of engagement. Once so engaged, the App engenders continuing good will as it was the right solution at the right time. Tell me that someone would not positively and extensively speak about such an App that saved them in the nick of time. This type of App therefore has the potential for one of the most effective word of mouth referral campaigns ever.
From the standpoint of immediacy there is no better way to send crucial information to a community than through an Apps alert function. This important immediate information could range from product recalls to what is going on sale, given that today’s pharmacies have multiple revenue generators Current Healthcare Issues 2019 in addition to drug dispensation. The pharmacy App also provides a channel for marketing communication of drug brands directly to consumers, much like we see on TV, except that the App channel has the potential to be more focused in its reach and more direct in its call to action.
The other key benefit of a pharmacy App is the ability to develop and leverage a community of users and through their in-App connection to social networks, a viral sharing of not only the 3 Day Diet American Heart Association information but the pharmacy brand. This is a real competitive advantage to regional pharmacies in securing and maintaining a regional or neighborhood focus and top of mind recall.
The pharmacy App is essentially a fantastic extension of the helpful neighborhood pharmacist. We all go to the pharmacist looking for information because they are convenient, available and around the corner. Oftentimes going to a doctor with delays in appointments, waiting in the waiting room and possibly receiving the same advice as could have been obtained through a pharmacist, secures the future of the neighborhood pharmacist as the first go to guy or gal for health advice. This is why an App that starts off the conversation with the pharmacist in your hand or pocket truly makes sense.