The Confusion With the H1N1 Vaccine

The Confusion With the H1N1 VaccineThe flu has been said to be the worst this…

The Confusion With the H1N1 Vaccine

The flu has been said to be the worst this nation has seen in quite a while. There have been people who have sheltered themselves in their own home just so they don’t get it. Doctor’s offices have taken the magazines off racks and done all that so that this disease doesn’t plague anymore.

One of the things that the United States has done was created a vaccine to help protect the people. Many states have seen victims that have been taken by this virus. Now, they are fighting back. As the vaccination is offered, they are finding that there are many people who are confused beyond belief.

Part of the confusion with the H1N1 virus is which type to get. You see, when they came out with the vaccinations, there are two types. There are nasal sprays as well as the injection vaccinations. People are somewhat confused on which ones they should get. For

For those who need a bit of clarification, it is said that those who have asthma shouldn’t get the nasal spray. Those who are pregnant or work with kids and then those who are up to age twenty four years old are those who should get the vaccination first.

Those who have heard that they are free are correct. People are also confused about if they are supposed to be free, why they have to pay a fee when they go to their doctor’s office to get the shot. The reason for this is the shot is free; however, you will get a fee if you go to your doctors for the office visit.

Hopefully this has helped to clarify all the things that you might need to know. When you have these basic answers, you can find in your local area to see where you can get this shot. As more questions arise more people are coming out with brochures and websites to give you all the information.