Vital First Aid Skills

Vital First Aid Skills

When bugging out you will find no doctors or emergency rooms in which to rush yourself or a family member to when a medical problem develops. In an emergency you will need to deal with the circumstances yourself and in that case you should know what measures to take in order to minimize the effects of a medical emergency.

Most of the time adults in a bug out party are more alarmed about their children’s health then they are about themselves. Children often attract certain medical conditions comparable to a magnet attracting bits of metal. This commentary will summarize a few of those emergency first aid skills that you should be familiar with when taking children with you.

When a child requires help they need it immediately. Nothing is worse then a child weeping out in pain and the parent not being able to alleviate the problem in the least. The first order of business here is to take a good quality first aid course. Learn CPR principles as they relate to children or small infants.

While undertaking your first aid course pay noteworthy attention to the sections that address bloody noses. Children often panic when confronted with a bloody nose whether there is pain associated with it or not. It is the prospect of blood which actually sets them off. Similarly, as you would for adults you should be acquainted before hand with how to dress any sort of wound. Don’t just place a Band-Aids on the spot in question but progress on to the more advanced dressings and know when and how to use them. Make sure you have the proper bandages and dressing stored in your first aid kit at all times.

Choking resulting from food or any other cause must be dealt with immediately. There is no room for delays in this sort of emergency. Learn how to dislodge any items that become stuck in a child’s throat. Better to be safe then sorry in situations as these. Have you instructor show you the proper way to perform the Heimlich maneuver. This is an excellent technique for dislodging a caught chunk of steak or getting a large piece of candy from a little ones throat.

Chances of your child getting a burn are greater when you are bugging out then when you are safely in the confines of your home. There are countless things that can contribute to this situation ranging from open campfires to candles being used to provide evening light. Know what to do in the event your child is unfortunate enough to encounter these calamities.

Another dread when bugging out is diarrhea. Learn various means by which to stop this problem as quickly as you can. Children who experience diarrhea often become dehydrated and that could lead to more serious consequences. There are both natural and medicinal ways in which one could get this situation under control. Keep extra medications in your first aid kit just in case.

Lastly I want to mention nausea. While traveling in your car the best way to combat the “sick feeling” is to simply pull to the side of the road and allow the passenger to bend over as far as possible. As a last resort the child will vomit their stomach contents and feel better at which time your trip can continue on as planned.

There you have it in a nutshell, but I sincerely recommend that you take that first aid and CPR course as it may save a loved ones life.

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