The Dangers of Vaccinating Your Child

The Dangers of Vaccinating Your Child

If you have ever had a friend or loved one diagnosed with cancer, you know that the news can be devastating. This is especially true when children are involved. Unfortunately, many parents don’t realize that the medical community is largely to blame for cases in which children develop cancers like leukemia. Sounds crazy, right? It’s true – in most cases, when children are diagnosed with a form of cancer, such as leukemia, a vaccination carrying live-attenuated viruses is responsible for the development of the disease. So if you are a parent, then you may want to consider adopting an against vaccines policy, otherwise you may be putting your child at risk for serious diseases such as leukemia by allowing them to be treated with dangerous vaccines.

How Can Vaccines Cause Leukemia in Children?

Before you allow your child to receive a potentially deadly vaccine, you should be educated on why they are so dangerous. The process used to create vaccines involves cultivating the treatment inside the embryo of a chicken. Those embryos are dangerous because chickens are given a vaccine against lung disease at a young age, and that vaccine contains a live-attenuated form of the leukemia virus. This vaccine is responsible for the widespread development of leukemia in chickens throughout the poultry industry.

This is especially troubling because for the last 20 years, millions of people, including many children, have received vaccinations for influenza and yellow fever using vaccines that were developed from chicken eggs that were contaminated with the virus that causes leukemia. Unfortunately, despite the mounting evidence against vaccines, the medical community still largely refuses to acknowledge the issue.

The Medical Community is Guilty of Charlatanism

The most unfortunate thing about vaccines is that they give people a false sense of security, which is reinforced by a medical community that continues to ignore the evidence of the dangers surrounding vaccines. Doctors continue to claim that vaccinations are completely innocuous, and, along with drug companies, continue to profit by duping the public with potentially dangerous treatments.

Fortunately, there is a growing movement of scientists and doctors within the medical community that have taken a stance against vaccines because they are now discovering that they may indeed facilitate immune system dysfunction, leaving it vulnerable to diseases such as leukemia, rather than boosting the body’s ability to defend itself against such diseases. Unfortunately, this knowledge comes too late to save all of the men, women and children who have died from leukemia caused by vaccines that were supposed to be safe.

Educate Yourself on the Dangers of Vaccines

It’s a sad reality that in the world we live in, doctors and drug companies are getting rich at the expense of children’s lives by using dangerous vaccines rather than natural healing solutions, even after mounting evidence suggests just how deadly vaccinations can be.

If you are a parent, you need to educate yourself on the dangers of vaccines for your sake and for the sake of your children before you allow yourself to be vaccinated.

Dr. Sherry J. Tenpenny’s book entitled Saying No to Vaccines is highly recommended and will help you to truly understand the dangers surrounding vaccines.