The Various Stages of the Alzheimer’s Disease

One must be aware of dementia – the brain disorders that lead to memory loss….

One must be aware of dementia – the brain disorders that lead to memory loss. The Alzheimer’s disease is one of them. Here, the patient suffers a great loss in intellectual ability, which slowly and gradually, affects routine activities. The progressive nature of the disorder prevents improvement in the health and status of the patient. To the contrary, with time, the patient’s condition becomes more severe.
There are two things that one must be aware of: One, that Alzheimer’s disease is not a normal sign of aging and two, that it is not the cause for all kinds of memory loss. As healthcare experts evidently state, it is known that with age there are issues with the power of recollection and comprehension but these are not directly and not always related to this medical condition.
The stages of the disorder are categorized into seven different Women’S Health Beauty Awards 2018 parts through the life cycle of the patient.
First Stage of No cognitive impairment
This is the very early stage of the disorder. There are no visible signs of development of the condition. Most often, this stage goes unnoticed because it is very difficult to interpret behavioral changes. Unless the patient has other problems, even a medical examination would generally not show any difference in cognitive abilities.
Second stage of Very Healthy Beauty Products mild decline
This is a peculiar stage where the individual himself feels the changes but others do not. Friends and family may not notice changes but the patient could begin to report memory lapses and the feeling of becoming forgetful.
Third stage of Mild cognitive decline
Very close relatively like the spouse of the patient, who know the patient very closely, might observe slight changes in memory and reaction to normal activities. Co-workers may find a change in the working pattern of the patient. Nevertheless, this stage may also go unnoticed.
Fourth stage of Moderate cognitive decline
Medical professional can find symptoms of the disease while examining the patients in this stage. The individuals in this stage begin to find it difficult to cope with surroundings. They are unable to perform tasks that required the use of metal ability like doing math, calculating finances, planning parties, etc.
Fifth stage of moderately severe cognitive decline
The Alzheimer’s disease patient loses a substantial amount of memory by this stage. He or she finds it difficult to remember important facts like one’s own home number, college name, etc and appear to be lost at times about where they are or what they are doing.
Sixth stage of severe cognitive decline
Recent events and awareness about happenings begins to decline. The patient begins to forget names of close relatives like spouse and children. They begin to have problems with simple activities like dressing up and need assistance and supervision. Biological inconsistencies are also reported.
Seventh stage of Very severe cognitive decline
Walking, speaking, eating, using the toilet and interacting in any manner become very difficult in this stage. The patient needs complete support, supervision and care. This is the last stage of the Alzheimer’s disease. By this time, the patient has lost the ability to correspond to the environment in any manner.