The Myths and Truths of Weight Training

Okay ladies, let’s talk weight training. Every day I see countless women spending hours on the treadmill, elliptical and stair machine trying to lose fat and tone up. While there are great benefits to daily cardiovascular exercises; this is also a tremendous amount to be gained from weight training that is being overlooked due to misunderstanding and fear. Allow me to shed some light.
During my 10+ years in gyms as a personal trainer and bodybuilder, I have noticed the two main reasons women avoid the weight section of the gym is because the either don’t know what exercises to do or they are afraid of becoming big and bulky. The truth is your muscular development depends on much more than the weights you lift. The human body adapts extremely well but it will only build enough muscle to meet the intensity and stress of your workouts and daily activities. In other words, if you are not lifting weights and eating like a bodybuilder you will not look like one.
Now that we have the myth and fear of becoming big and bulky because you lift to weights put to rest, let tackle the second issue. Maybe your not concerned with excessive muscle gain, maybe you’re not sure what exercises to do for which body part. Maybe you have some questions and concerns about Premier Health Human Resources Phone Number how many reps and sets you should be doing for your particular goals and fitness level. Well that is where great sites for online personal trainers come in. We have the education, experience and resources to guide you down the correct path and provide knowledge that will last a lifetime.
If the information above still doesn’t convince you to pick up some dumbbells, allow me to share some of the many benefits of weight training for women:
• Combats Depression: Studies have shown that lifting weights stimulates the release of ‘happy hormones’ as well as boosts self
• Increased physical strength: Weight training increases your overall strength allowing you Is Taking Dietary Supplements Bad to be more independent when it comes to moving larger objects, house work and playing with kids.
• Loss of body fat: A small increase in overall muscle will increase you resting metabolic rate which will cause you to burn more body fat 24 hours a day.
So there you have it ladies. Don’t let the myths of weight training discourage you and cause you to miss out on the benefits of a well rounded workout routine; one that includes both cardiovascular and weight training.