Three Reasons Why Insurance Providers Should Take a HIPAA Exam

As an insurance provider or agent, you are certainly familiar with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, more commonly known at HIPAA. Since its enactment in 1996, it has been a blessing and a headache to all insurance providers nationwide. It was put into place to help protect patients’ private health information as well as provide guidelines and what insurance providers could and could not use as a means to deny coverage. It also put into place clear rules on preexisting conditions that had often been a way for insurance providers to deny coverage to Americans. While the HIPAA rules set out with good intentions for the common people, it has served to make insurance providers jobs a bit more complicated with the extensive regulations.
Taking a HIPAA exam and becoming HIPAA certified can help insurance providers navigate the sometimes confusing HIPAA policies. There are many reasons to take a HIPAA exam and become certified if you are an insurance provider or involved in insurance at all for your job. Below are three major reasons to take a HIPAA exam:
1) To provide better service to your clients. Finding an insurance policy can be a confusing and overwhelming process for the majority of people. Potential clients are going to be looking to their insurance provider or agents as a source of expert advice. If you have taken a HIPAA exam and are certified, you can offer that much better service to your clients. They will trust you for your knowledge and you are more likely to have clients enroll with your insurance program if you are knowledgeable in HIPAA.
2) To avoid legal and career repercussions. HIPAA violations carry with them hefty fines. If you make a mistake and deny someone coverage because you did not understand the HIPAA policies, you could be looking at large fines and potentially a civil lawsuit from the individual you denied. Also, insurance providers often Benefits Of Supplements For Athletes have access to private health information covered under HIPAA. If you violate a privacy law, you could be seeing the same type of repercussions. Even if no legal action is taking and you avoid a fine, it is bad business to upset clients by making HIPAA violations. People take their private health information seriously.
3) To boost your career. The insurance industry is highly competitive. The more certifications and knowledge you have, including HIPAA certification, the better your chances are at securing clients. Because insurance can be so confusing to potential clients, Us Public Health Issues 2019 the more knowledge you have, the more potential clients are going to trust you. Prove your knowledge to them by taking a HIPAA exam and gaining your HIPAA certification and potential clients will feel they can trust you with their private information.
Encompassed in these three reasons to take the HIPAA exam for certification, is the underlying theme that knowledge is power. Arm yourself with a competitive edge by taking a HIPAA exam to complete certification. The return on investment will be well worth it as many courses and exams take only 45 minutes and are affordable.