Top Senior Blogs

Senior bloggers are new and rising part of the Internet community. As Boomers reach their golden years, many users of computers are reaching their golden years. American seniors are more technically savvy than any generation before them. They share photos of their grandchildren on Facebook, pay their bills online, and even blog!

The ageless project has diligently cataloged some of the world’s oldest bloggers. The world’s oldest blogger, now deceased, was 108 when she made her last post. Olive Riley, kept her blog for 2 year. Other famous elder bloggers include “Mariaamelia” who blogged until she was aged 98.

Seniors blog for a number of reasons. Many have been using compters their whole lives and have always embraced new technology. Others have been introduced by children and grandchildren to the internet and are tickled pink to be able to reach a large audience. Many write about their daily experiences, ranging from the mundane like gardening to the extraordinary like the birth of grandchildren.

There is a large community of bloggers, and many of the senior authors have been embraced by their fellow bloggers and have heavily followed blogs. Other senior’s blogs are less followed and less frequently updated. Sadly, many bloggers who are in their golden years stop because of health related problems, so senior who has a constantly updated blog is not always easy to find.

There is not a list of good blogs for seniors, blogs by seniors, and blogs about seniors, until now. Pioneer Emergency has looked through hundreds of blogs and picked the top one. Topics include caretaker blogs, financial information, and legal information for seniors. Some are written by senior themselves, while others are written by baby boomers.