Vaccine Dangers – More Real Than You Think

Vaccine Dangers – More Real Than You Think

Before we get into talking about various aspects of vaccine dangers, let me share with you a little story to illustrate how serious they are, OK?

Some time ago, there was a vaccination created against Polio. As you most likely know, vaccinations often contain viruses and bacteria that’s supposed to help us, but this particular shot was contaminated by SV-40 which was later found out to cause cancer.

Obviously, as soon as this news surfaced, the company that made the drug decided they’re going to stop using it, but they never did.

As a result of that, an outbreak of cancer took place and the SV-40 virus was found in the cancer tissues of very many patients at that time.

The people that took the shots got vaccinated against Polio, but they contracted the cancer virus.

So, why did I share this story with you?

What I am trying to do here, is help you realize that although vaccinations might be good for one thing, they will often cause serious illnesses because they’re contaminated with viruses, preservatives and toxins that will ruin your health.

In addition to that, the shots you take will very often actually cause the exact same diseases they’re supposed to protect you against.

There’s hope, though…

Your body will take care of itself.

What very many people fail to realize is that our bodies are made to be able to heal themselves without the help of drugs.

Your immune system is capable of effectively fighting off almost any condition you might face if you take care of it properly.

Of course, you can completely ruin your body’s ecosystem by eating food that will kill the friendly bacteria that’s inside you, by not getting enough physical exercise or by taking vaccinations that will damage your immune system.

See, one of the greatest vaccine dangers is that they will turn your immune system completely upside down. They will wipe lots of the good microbes out which then causes others to die, thus making your body incapable of healing itself.

The consequences will follow.

As soon as the delicate balance in your body is shaken, you’ll start seeing your health beginning to deteriorate. If you combine it with the fact that there isn’t a single vaccination in this world that’s safe to use, you’ll have problems like cancer, asthma, ADD, ADHD, numerous neurological diseases, etc.

Here’s a sad truth for you.

Many of the vaccine developers in today’s world realize that it’s not good to take the vaccinations they make, but they stick with it, because they need a job.

They are well aware of the vaccine dangers I mentioned and many others I didn’t talk about, but they’ll keep working because they have to put bread on the table.

I urge you…

Don’t be misled into thinking that vaccinations will not harm you. They are more dangerous than you realize.

I’ll tell you even more…

… if you want to protect yourself from sickness and avoid vaccine dangers, you’ll be much better off discovering how to help your body stay healthy without the use of drugs.

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