Unauthorized Software and Hardware and HIPAA

Since the 2005 HIPAA security regulations became effective anyone using computers is aware of the…

Since the 2005 HIPAA security regulations became effective anyone using computers is aware of the additional safety measures they have to take when it comes to using their computers and patient health information. Through HIPAA training, there are several subjects covered that explain what information is considered private and should not be disclosed and what information is public knowledge and can be released Antibiotic-Resistant Microbes to anyone. An example of this would be if someone called and asked if you knew what High School the patient went to you could provide this if you knew it because it has no bearing on the patient’s health. If you asked how long the patient will be in physical therapy before they can return to work then you would have to let them know that you would not be able to release any medical information on the patient.
HIPAA training is an annual requirement and everyone takes refresher training. Program Managers take examinations to ensure they know the information they are monitoring for compliance. HIPPA stands for Health Insurance and Portability Accountability Act which was enacted by congress in 1996. The purpose of this was to provide a patient protection and privacy to their health information. Everyone working in the healthcare field needs to ensure they follow the policy and regulations to continue providing the privacy the patient is entitled to while they are under your care.
As technology keeps advancing the security gets tighter to manage and as long as you send email with patient information with digital signatures or encryption, the information should not be leaving your computer. Laptops are another venue that employees carry personal health information while they are traveling. Do not download any software other than what was given to you by your Importing Food Supplements Into Uk company. There is always the risk of your equipment being stolen. If this happens and you have names, social security numbers and addresses you are providing a risk for identity theft. For the health information, it would be a great idea to get into password protecting your files. This would provide an additional barrier to your files if anyone were to get a hold of your laptop.