Using Emergency Egress Lighting for Safety

Using Emergency Egress Lighting for Safety

There are many ways to keep the people inside of a building safe, but one of the easiest and most effective ways to do so is via an egress marking system. These life-saving emergency systems are made up of many components. From egress floor lighting to illuminated signage, there are many options that will help make any building as safe as possible. Illuminated exit markings are a cost effective and smart way to make sure that you keep any person in your building safe in the event of an emergency.

One of the most popular forms of emergency egress lighting is the illuminated exit sign. These are the ubiquitous red and green-lit signs that are placed over building doorways to make sure that these passageways are easily seen no matter what the time of day it is or what may or may not be happening. These signs go unnoticed for most of their days, but in the event of the emergency, they can be incredibly handy. These signs are environmentally friendly because they perpetually stay lit using technology uses very little energy, and also never have to be changes so they are a hassle free safety solution.

Another great product that can help you keep your building safe when used in an egress marking system is a set of floor lights. This floor lighting is subtle and is used in dark settings so that people can easily make their way to where they need to go. This track lighting is commonly seen in places such as movie theaters and on airplanes where if the power goes out, it may be difficult to see or navigate because of a lack of windows to the outside. This lighting generally leads to the nearest appropriate exit. These lights are also low energy and very small so they are not a distraction and only noticeable when they are needed.

Emergency egress lighting also includes products that glow in the dark, so that when the lights go out, there are more guides to help lead people to safety. Glow in the dark products include signage and tapes. Signs are just an extra boost in any egress marking system to help get people out in the event of an emergency. Glow tapes can be placed on surfaces such as on stairs, railings, and around doorways. When the lights go out or a room gets clouded because of the smoke from a fire, these tapes will be visible to help assist people in getting to safety along with the illuminated features that may be in a building.

Emergency egress marking systems are crucial for any building, regardless of the size, to ensure the safety of those who chose to enter. Emergency egress lighting can help prevent injury and even death in some cases in the event of a weather disaster or a serious event such as a fire. Keeping people safe should be the top priority for any property or business owner and illuminated exit signs, floor lighting, and glow in the dark products make safety an easy reality.