Why An EMR Interface Is Important

Physician offices and hospitals are beginning the transition from paper-based patient records to electronic medical records, or EMRs. According to one study, the use of EMRs improves efficiency by Medical Center Names six percent annually. EMRs can be continuously updated from the point of treatment or other locations and with an EMR interface, the information can be exchanged between different EMR systems.
Using an EMR interface has benefits other than streamlining health information exchange between a healthcare provider, hospital, and laboratory. It also reduces treatment errors that can result from illegible handwritten records or physician orders. Incorrect interpretation of handwritten information has contributed to improper courses of treatment, resulting in death.
Electronic records help to standardize forms, data input, abbreviations, and terminology. When forms are digitized, it is easier to collect data for clinical studies and epidemiology purposes. If non-affiliated healthcare facilities have access to the data submitted through the physician portal, they do not need to request it from the patient. Real-time updating made possible by computerized physician order entry, or CPOE, provides all involved in the treatment with the most recent information.
The interface is the component that provides the various treating entities with constant access to the patient’s electronic medical record. EMR integration within a hospital or laboratory requires the development of Disadvantages Of Vitamins this interface. This is not an easy task, due to the various EMR systems that are available. In addition, EMR vendors may have a different HL7 interface due to various implementation methods regarding this standard.
Without an EMR interface, a hospital or lab cannot engage in health information exchange with a primary care physician. Based on that, the interface becomes crucial to the integration of electronic medical records. Hospitals and labs that refuse to create this integration technology framework or are unsuccessful in their development attempts will not be able to remain competitive.