What is the 72 Hour Kit?

What is the 72 Hour Kit?What do you know about the 72 hour kits and…

What is the 72 Hour Kit?

What do you know about the 72 hour kits and why should every family and their friends consider a 72 hour emergency kit?

The idea behind the 72 hour kits is such that anybody can build their own emergency preparedness kits with ease and have enough supplies to carry them through the first 72 hours of any earthquake, hurricane or natural disaster with an easy appliance of emergency preparedness.

Emergency earthquake and survival kits can take many forms and are often a combination of essential items call a 72 hour kits list which is explained in more detail in the full article which you can find at the end of this article in the resources box.

Emergency 72 hour kits are really made up of medical items, food stocks, clothing and essential survival folk have basically the same items for their 72 hour emergency kits and find that the most important items and critical items are the medical items as well as food and water to last them the first 72 hours.

72 hours has been chosen as the norm due to the the time frame being roughly three days before suitable emergency personnel arrive on the scene to assist and bring fresh supplies.

Chatting to various folks about their emergency preparedness kits, it was found that the easiest way was to use a hiking backpack with rigid support and the ability to attach various items to the outside of the kit as well as being able to carry a sufficient amount of items on the inside of the kit.

72 hour kits emergency preparedness kits are more formed than bought in their entirety and this is why the full article gives a complete breakdown of the different categories of food, emergency products and essential items to be carried in the emergency preparedness kits.

Cognizance has been made of the fact that there are often more than one member to a family and as such the correct amounts and quantities and packing methods must be considered.

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